Saturday, April 19, 2008

Premium mobile technologies

There’s more management shuffling at Motorola as the struggling handset maker works to regain profitability and plans to split itself in two. The handset maker has named Rob Shaddock as the new head of consumer products for the group. A former senior vice president of mobile devices, Shaddock will now oversee all handsets except those aimed at business users.

John Cipolla has been promoted to senior vice president for mid- to high-tier products; Steve Lalla, will now oversee teams focused on mass-market handsets; and Todd DeYoung, who currently heads strategy and business development for the group, will now be responsible for making sure handsets fit in with the company’s overarching strategy and are market-appropriate.

Aside from promotions, the reorganization combines hardware and software teams within each product category under one leader. The category heads will have more authority over the entire development process. The company said the latest reorganization is aimed at improving product development strategy and creating a more “predictable” time to market for new products. The new promotions should also help the group keep senior executives when the company splits in two.

The company also announced a reorganization of its sales staff, naming Bruce Brda as the head of coordinating worldwide sales. Brda previously oversaw sales for North America.


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