Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Laptop Technology

Laptop or notebook computer technology is advancing at
a blistering speed. Ferrari fast. So fast that by the time
you purchase your new laptop - it's probably already
obsolete or out of date. A sobering thought considering
the hefty prices you have to pay for a high-end laptop.

But laptop technology is changing so fast new innovations
are coming on stream as you read this article. There is a
whole new generation of notebook technology every two years
or less. Therefore, unless you buy or upgrade your laptop
each year you're falling behind what these sleek little
powerhouses can now deliver.

And unless you're already in Geek Heaven, keeping track
of all these new technologies and innovations can be
quite a chore. Figuring out the right Graphics chipset
that works best with the right CPU and the best Data buses
is a major feat. And now that everything is being
Doubled - dual core, dual graphics - it's entering
the realm where Einstein would be amused, even on a
bad hair day!

What's the ordinary laptop buyer to do?

What you really have to keep in mind are the outcomes
of all this new technology. Basically, these new
technologies have made laptops smaller, faster and more
powerful. With every new improvement the laptop is closing
the gap between its main rival - the desktop computer.

Notebook computers are now out-selling desktops for
the first time in history. Laptops are replacing the
old desktop computer, whose days may just be numbered.
It won't be long before laptops are also out-performing
them as well.

Some major computer makers are taking note of this
trend towards more powerful, smaller computers.
Even the desktop computer is morphing! Just look at
the sleek design of the new Apple iMac G5 - gone is the
bulky tower - in its place is a well designed desktop
computer that's almost a laptop!

For the ordinary computer user keeping abreast of
all these new technologies and inventions can be a
major chore if you're considering buying a laptop
in the next little while. As you approach the smiling
salesperson in your favorite tech store - here's a
few bits of new notebook technology you might want
to have in your possession so you won't look like a
complete neophyte. Hey, where technology is concerned,
we have all been there, done that.

In order for you to tech-proof your next laptop
purchase, here's a quick run down of some recent
Notebook Developments:

Sonoma Chipset

The new Sonoma Platform, Intel's next-generation Centrino
Chipset is already on the market. Members of the Sonoma
club are growing daily - Sony, IBM/Lenovo, BenQ, Dell,
Samsung, Acer, and Toshiba... another 80 or 90
'Sonoma-endowed' products will be released very shortly.

No doubt, it will become the Platform standard for many
high-end notebooks. Actually, it won't make or mean that
much difference to the ordinary Joe/Jane who just want a
notebook or laptop for web surfing, word processing and
e-mail. Notebooks with the Sonoma Platform will be just
a little bit faster and have a little better battery life.

But for Mobile Professionals and Notebook Fanatics (they
do exist)... there's a lot of good things delivered or
capable of being delivered with this new Centrino Chipset.
First, wireless connections will be easier with the integrated
tri-mode 802.11a/b/g, already dubbed by some as the
'wireless trinity'! This will make it easier to stay
connected no matter where you are.

Improved performance will be experienced because the
new Pentium M's have a 533MHz frontside bus, supported
with up to 2GB of DDR2 DRAM, Serial ATA Hard Drive, and
PCI Express, plus improved integrated graphics - including
Intel's Hi-Def Audio. All are possible with the Sonoma

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