Thursday, April 10, 2008

Compaq recalls batteries

Compaq Computer is recalling some 55,000 notebook PC batteries because of a manufacturing defect.

The company will replace the batteries used in Armada E500 and V300 notebook PC models due to a manufacturing defect in certain batteries supplied by Sony. Those batteries were manufactured between June 2 and July 10 of this year.

"Sony identified a potential problem in the manufacturing process and alerted us about a potential defect," said Compaq spokesman Mike Hockey. "We need to make sure that these (batteries) are out of the hands of our customers."

The recall, which is unrelated to a recent recall of 27,000 Sanyo notebook batteries by Dell Computer, was prompted by the failure of a single battery which short circuited, Hockey said.

The short circuit caused smoke and some damage to the notebook in which the battery was being used.

The failure resulted from a misdirected test pin that was supposed to be soldered to a printed circuit board inside of the battery. It was misplaced and punctured the board and caused the battery to short circuit, Hockey explained.

Compaq customers can identify whether or not their Armada E500 or V300 is effected by looking at the date code and serial number located on a white label on the battery to the right of the battery connector. Those date codes are TCGK 00001-10500, TCGK 20001-21800, TCGK 40001-83100 and TCHK 40001-44700, according to the company.

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