Saturday, March 22, 2008

HCL Prism Laptop

Notebook PC sales are quite unevenly distributed, with a majority going to three top
players. That's why it's going to take other manufacturers more than just a pretty design to sell some units. HCL's Prism is called so because of the unique design of the top cover. While the design drew mixed reactions from onlookers; some liked it and some absolutely detested it, the shiny plastic finish inside and out is what spoilt the show. It was just too reflective and a major magnet for fingerprints.
It does have plus points though. It's a 12.1-inch size, which means it's quite portable. It comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB RAM and a
160 GB hard drive, which means that performance won't be too shabby considering it comes into an ultraportable class. The big HCL Leaptop sticker on the palm rest is
an eyesore and you should remove it immediately.

include Bluetooth, WiFi, webcam with built-in mic and a DVD writer. Connect¬ivity was adequate, with 3 USB ports, Firewire, VGA out
and Gigabit Ethernet. HCL's proprietary EC2 technology is bundled and provides data recovery from your hard disk.

Performance-wise, it's nothing extraordinary. In our business productivity test, the score was marginally ahead of Sahara EK50 at 2827 PCMarks. Keeping the price point in mind, the results were satisfactory. Being a designer notebook, you don't expect it to score high in gaming or graphics tests, hence the low score of 309 in 3D Mark06 was expected. It comes with a 4 cell battery to keep weight down, so it'll last about an hour and a half. It's mainly a lifestyle option for those who are on a budget.

Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T5250(1.5 GHz,
2 MB cache),
160 GB HOD,
12.1-inch widescreen (1280 x800 pixels) VGA webcam,
Bluetooth v 2.0,
4-cellli-ion battery,
2 kg.

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