Saturday, March 22, 2008

HCL ‘MiLeap’ Laptop

After the hype surrounding the ‘cheapest car’ has mellowed down, there is another breakthrough in the low-cost segment. HCL has introduced the futuristic laptop that will be available from January 26th to the common man for a mere price tag of Rs. 13,990. The “MiLeap” X series is a fully functional, 1.4 kg ultra portable laptop with a 7” LCD that runs Linux with a GUI. It is also equipped with a 2 GB flash-based storage, which means there is no hard drive and also has a built-in USB and PC card socket. The sleek laptop has a soft faux-leather protective covering that makes it shock resistant and eliminates the need of carrying a laptop case.
The low cost pricing will make this laptop click amongst the average Indian consumer. Another product launched by HCL is the “MiLeap” Y Series laptop, which is priced a little below Rs. 30,000. This laptop is a fully loaded, ultra portable tablet PC that comes with Microsoft Vista. The Y series 980 grams laptop has multiple navigation options like thumb-board, stylus, keyboard, touch and voice options. It is equipped with 80 GB hard rive, 1.8” LCD and has a battery life of four hours. Both the laptops come with an Intel processor and have Wi-Fi.

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