Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apple I - Phone 5

Apple iPhone 5 review: first look Apple iPhone 5 As is now customary, the internet was smoking hot with guff and nonsense this week, to the point where even the mainstream press was joining in. Thank heavens it can all stop now (at least until the next time), as the iPhone 5 is officially here, and we were at the London launch to get our hands on a brand new sample. The design As expected, the iPhone 5 is not all that different in look from its predecessors, but it has been stretched lengthways to make room for the 4in display. The biggest thing you get from holding it is that it’s thin. So thin. It feels light and easy to hold, yet still manages to keep the premium feel thanks to the two-tone anodised aluminium finish. The silver band around the edge is gone, but you can still see some lines where the antenna breaks are. The Apple rep wouldn’t comment on signal issues, unsurprisingly. Apple iPhone 5 - bottom edge The new Lightning connector is small, and the speaker grilles are now much clearer for a moodier look, but the design isn’t a huge departure. If you already own an iPhone you know what to expect.


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