Sunday, October 9, 2011

Latest Samsung New Mobile Model

Samsung Galaxy S2 Model Review

Manufactured by Samsung as a successor to the ultra-popular Galaxy S, the Galaxy S2 is packed with impressive features that propel it to the top of the smartphone market. The Galaxy S2 boasts of a Dual Core ARM v.7 1.2GHz processor and a Super AMOLED Plus display—and it runs on the Gingerbread system (also known as the Android 2.3 OS).

Aside from the top-of-the-line features, the Galaxy S2 is sleekly designed and is guaranteed to be light as a feather; this smartphone heavyweight weighs in at an amazing 116 grams. One can only be impressed with this kind of technology in such a weight. However, Samsung has picked plastic over the premium feel of an all-metal chassis, which explains the lightness of the mobile phone to an extent. This is more evident once you remove the back cover, but you will not be doing this often. The back cover has a mesh texture that will keep the phone from easily sliding off your hand and should also keep the palm from getting warm when holding the Galaxy S2 for extended periods of time.

The most noticeable feature of the Galaxy S2 is its 4.3-inch screen endowed with eye-popping colours through the Super AMOLED Plus technology. The screen is covered with the ultra-tough Gorilla Glass, which allows for a sturdier touch screen and a better interactive experience. Compared to the HTC Sensation, the 800×480-pixel resolution of the Galaxy S2 may seem minuscule—but Samsung’s flagship smartphone renders gorgeous blacks and deep colours with relative ease.

Another impressive feature of the Galaxy S2 is its 8-megapixel camera that comes with a single LED flash. However, the camera shutter is completely operated via touch screen—as Samsung had foregone with a camera shutter button on the side. The camera has a lot of settings and scene modes, though, which will allow you to use this smartphone as your primary camera to take the clearest snapshots. Videos recorded with the Galaxy S2 are equally impressive—at 1080 pixels and 30 frames per second, you cannot find this ability on most of the smartphones competing with this offering from Samsung.

The Galaxy S2 is ultra-thin at 8.49 mm – and it is amazing how something this light and thin can be powerful. With its 1650mAh battery, the Galaxy S2 can last for two full days with moderate usage.

This smartphone premieres the Touchwiz’s fourth version, which has been the source of debate between users—with some preferring the “friendly” user interface of Touchwiz and some leaning more toward the sleek interface of HTC phones. The Touchwiz v.4 is remarkably cleaner and more polished than the earlier versions—comparable to the user interfaces of other smartphones.

There are also a good number of applications and features that will make the Galaxy S2 a pleasure to use. Some of the built-in conveniences: predictive dialing, Skype, increased multi-touch and accelerometer features, multiple hubs, Allshare, Kies Air, photo and video editors, Task Manager, and a chat app that provides the user access to Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger

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