Friday, November 21, 2008

Logitech presents VX Nano notebook mouse

Logitech unveiled its new VX Nano cordless laser mouse which builds on the foundation laid down by the original VX Revolution notebook mouse (including the MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel), but now features a more slim and trim design low-profile design.

The mouse also now uses two AAA batteries instead of one AA battery like the VX Revolution.

The most appealing element at this mouse is the new "nano-receiver" included in the packing. Instead of sticking out at least an inch from the side of a notebook like traditional USB receivers, the nano-receiver protrudes by only 8mm. The receiver, however, still uses 2.4GHz cordless technology

instead of Bluetooth.

"More and more laptop users are abandoning the touch pad in favor of a cordless notebook mouse," said Logitech's Rory Dooley. "However, with most notebook mice, the size of the receiver forces people to plug and unplug the receiver each time they use the laptop. Because we were able to make the nano-receiver so small, it can remain plugged into the laptop at all times so on-the-go notebook users save valuable time and never have to worry about where the receiver is."

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