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Packard Bell EasyNote MB88-P-003 Notebook

Packard Bell EasyNote MB88 P 003 NotebookOver a decade Packard Bell, a progressive electronic company in UK, has been identifying the needs of customers and fulfils it in the electronic market worldwide. Today Packard Bell is ranked number three in the European PC consumer market. They manufacture PC such as desktops and notebooks; MP3 players, GPS, monitors and storage devices.

Packard Bell EasyNote MB88-P-003 laptop PC is the advanced notebook, recently introduced by Packard Bell in 2007. The whole case is glowing white, but have a couple of accented strips down each side and it comes in three colours, Lime Green, sunny orange and dark chocolate. It has dimensions of 360×265x37 and weight of 2.6kg, making it easily portable.


Processor is the most important chip in a notebook which has power management features that extends the battery life. Usually notebooks use variety of processors depending upon their focus. This notebook uses Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5450 as the processor, since it delivers maximum battery life and better performance with a speed of 667MHz.

Hard Disk

The hard disk is the disk where you can store the data and programs. The more the hard disk capacity, the more data and programs you can store. Normally you should go for a hard disk capacity of at least100GB. This notebook incorporates the hard disk capacity of 160GB, which offers better storage.

Memory (RAM)

The Random Access Memory or the memory of your notebook stores the data of programs under execution. The large RAM capacity means the higher performance speed. This notebook has the RAM capacity of 2GB and the memory chip incorporated in this notebook is DDR II. The cache capacity of this notebook is 2MB

Screen Size and Resolution

The 15.4 inch screen has the resolution 1280×800 with Diamond View Technology that promises an exceptionally sharp picture.

Graphics Card

The graphics card processes the video data to be displayed. They usually have their own RAM to help with this resource hungry task. The graphics card is most important if you want to play the latest release games on your laptop. This notebook uses the latest graphics of NVIDIA. The graphics card included in this is NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 M GS and the RAM capacity upto 1279MB.

USB Ports

The USB port had made the difficult task of connecting peripherals very simple. This notebook has 4 USB port to connect an Ethernet, VGA output, a microphone, a head phone, Express card etc. This has an S-Video port to connect to the analogue TV or to a projector, a Firewire port to connect to the multimedia device such as cameras, camcorders etc.

Optical Drives

Computers with CD/DVD drive can be used for playing CDs and DVDs, and most will allow you to burn your own discs too. Many PCs come with a multi-format burner, which can record to a variety of blank DVDs as well as CDs. We recommend opting for one DVD burner, if you can, because a DVD burner is useful for making your own videos as well as for backing up large amounts of data, since DVD discs can hold 4.5GB of data.

Removable Media Slots

Laptops provide slots for removable media. In this notebook, the removable media slots are available for Stereo speakers, wireless LAN aerial, Bluetooth aerial, and also for Memory Stick. The additional feature of this notebook is that it has TV tuner port.

Battery capacity

The battery used in this notebook is Lithium ion. The notebooks usually provide maximum duration of 2.5hrs. But in this, it is 3 hrs.

Mouse touch pad

In desktop PCs, you need a port to connect mouse and it is a removable device in desktops. But in laptops, the built-in touch sensitive mouse is an advantage, though it is not easy to operate initially.

Wireless technology

Packard Bell EasyNote MB88-P-003 notebook uses the wireless technology 802.11a/g/n, which is the latest one and it allows you to use wireless networking.


Many laptops have a built-in modem in it, to connect to internet by broadband connection/ADSL router via wireless. But this notebook does not have modem and is the most disappointing one.

Operating System

Software that runs your computer is the operating system. The latest and the one which delivers best productivity is Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium, is the operating system of this notebook.


The accessories of this notebook are LCD screen, white keyboard, webcam, sensitive mouse pad and memory sticks. It has a built-in integrated camera.


The manufacturer provides a full year warranty for Packard Bell Easy Note MB88-P-003.

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