Friday, August 29, 2008

iPod Docking Station with S-Video Out

iPod Docking Station with S-Video Out (Black)

This compact iPod dock is a perfect accessory for any iPod with a dock connector. It includes a convenient remote, S-video out, and universal compatibility with included docking plates.

This slim dock is a perfect companion for any iPod. It features universal compatibility for all dock connector iPods, a convenient remote, and a S-video out to share photos and video with 5th Generation iPods.

Charging and Syncing
This dock fully supports the latest version of iTunes and charges your iPod while it's docked. The AC adapter is included with this package and allows you to place this dock nearly anywhere that has a power outlet if you want to charge it without the use of a computer.

Universal Compatibility
Each iPod docking station comes with removable plates to custom fit any iPod with a dock connector. These include the iPod Nano, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation iPods. So no matter which iPod you need to dock, simply install the included plate and you're ready to sync.

S-Video and Line Out
If you have one of the newer 5th generation iPods (also known as the iPod Video), you can easily display your movies and photos on any compatible S-video device (S-video cable sold separately). Doing so allows you to easily view TV shows, movies, and your favorite pictures right on your TV. The line-out allows you to use this dock as a way to listen to your favorite music on a stereo or any other device that can connect to an RCA audio connection.

Remote Control

This unique feature allows you to sit back, relax, and control your iPod with a remote. Each controller comes with a pre-installed battery and can control many different aspects of your iPod including volume up/down, next track, previous track, and play/pause.

With all these features wrapped up in such a compact device, you’ll never use your iPod the same way again. This iPod is a perfect accessory to allow you to listen to music on your stereo, watch movies on your TV, and control all these functions with a handy remote.

Price: $24.95

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