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Terms and conditions for credit card


360money e-voucher - A paper voucher you can buy at any PayPoint outlet, which you load with money to buy your Card online and top it up.
Account – The electronic account associated with your Card.
Agreement – This Cardholder agreement as varied from time to time.
Available Balance – The value of funds loaded onto your Card and available for use.
Card – The Virgin Prepaid MasterCard® issued to you under this Agreement. Also referred to as the Virgin Prepaid Card in these Terms and Conditions.
Card Number – The 16 digit number on the front of your Card.
Cardholder – You, the person entering into this Agreement with us.
Customer Services – The contact centre for dealing with queries about your Card. Contact details for Customer Services can be found in paragraph 21. Calls to Customer Services are charged at local rate.
e-money – The electronic money associated with your Card.
Full Deductible Amount – The full transaction amount, including the Transaction itself along with any associated fees, charges and taxes.
MasterCard® International Incorporated - MasterCard® International Incorporated whose head office is at 2000 Purchase Street, Purchase, New York 10577 USA.
Merchant – A retailer, or any other person, firm or corporation that accepts Cards which display the MasterCard® acceptance mark.
Prepaid Account Number – This is your unique personal account number, and is found on the back of your Card.
PayPoint – A retail network provider of cash collection services displaying the PayPoint logo.
PIN – Your four digit personal identification number for use with the Card.
Restricted Card – A card with spending limits. Please see paragraph 3.4 for details.
Transaction – A retail sale, a cash advance, cashback or a cash machine withdrawal completed by you using your Card.
we, us or our – PrePay Technologies Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with number 04008083 who can be contacted at PO BOX 3371, SWINDON, SN5 7WJ. PrePay Technologies Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority to issue e-money and is registered in the Financial Services Register with registration number 219619
Virgin Money Ltd – Virgin Money Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with number 04232392 whose registered office is at Discovery House, Whiting Road, Norwich NR4 6EJ.
Website –, website address allowing you to access your personal Card information.
you, your – The Cardholder.


2.1 Your Card is an e-money prepaid card. This is not a credit, charge or debit card.
2.2 Your Card has been issued on our behalf by Clydesdale Bank PLC in accordance with a licence from MasterCard® International Incorporated or its affiliates. Your rights and obligations relating to the use of this Card are subject to this Agreement between you and us; you have no rights against Clydesdale Bank PLC or MasterCard® International Incorporated or their respective affiliates. If you experience any difficulties in using the Card you should contact Customer Services. The e-money associated with this Card is provided to you by us, and will be in Pounds Sterling. In the unlikely event that we become insolvent, the e-money on your Card may lose its value and become unusable, and accordingly you may lose your e-money. The Card remains the property of Clydesdale Bank PLC.
2.3 These terms and conditions are written and available only in English and we undertake to communicate with you in English regarding any aspect of your Card or Account.


3.1 The Card application fee is outlined at paragraph 12 of these terms and conditions.
3.2 You may only apply for a Card if you are resident in the UK, and you may hold up to five Cards per household at any one time. As the applicant you are responsible for all additional Cards issued under this agreement and any fees or charges that these Cards may incur.
3.3 We will issue your Card to you on the basis of the information that you have provided. You agree to provide accurate personal information and to tell us of any changes as soon as possible so that our records remain correct. You should update any changes to your personal information by visiting the Website or calling Customer Services. In particular, you should always keep us informed of changes to your email address.
3.4 If we are unable to satisfactorily verify your identity and address from information provided by you at the time you apply for a Card we will issue you with a Restricted Card. There is a total spending limit of £1,600 per year (12 months starting on first Transaction) on Restricted Cards of which no more than £600 can be ATM withdrawals or a single debit transaction. You are unable to top up a Restricted Card using a credit or debit card. If, after applying for a Card, you are issued with a Restricted Card, you will have the option to upgrade to a non-Restricted Card by providing satisfactory documentation as proof of identity and address (fees apply, see paragraph 12).
3.5 Your Card will be posted to your home address, and will be loaded with any initial value you credited to your Card when you applied for it, less the Card application fee set out in paragraph 12. You should receive your Card within 15 days of your application.
3.6 When you receive your Card, you must sign it immediately, and then call Customer Services to activate it. When you call Customer Services you will need to select the 'Card Activation’ option from the menu. You’ll then be asked to quote your Card Number and the activation code which you’ll find on the letter that came with your Card. You’ll also be asked to provide us with some details to confirm your identity.
3.7 You may use your Card to make cash withdrawals, subject to 3.4. You’ll need a PIN for cashback or cash machine withdrawals and to authorise any retail sales transactions in the UK and in some countries abroad.
3.8 You’ll be given your PIN when you activate your Card. You should never reveal your PIN to anybody. We will not reveal your PIN to a third party. If you forget your PIN you can reset it by contacting Customer Services.
3.9 When you select or change your PIN, you must not select a PIN that may be easily guessed, such as a number that:
3.9.1 is easily associated with you, such as your telephone number or birth date,
3.9.2 is part of data imprinted on the Card,
3.9.3 consists of the same digits or a sequence of running digits, or
3.9.4 is identical to a previously selected PIN.


4.1 Your Card can be used at any Merchant (fees apply, see paragraph 12).
4.2 Subject to 3.4 Virgin Prepaid Cards can be used to make withdrawals at cash machines bearing the MasterCard logo® or at participating banks to make cash advance withdrawals (fees apply, see paragraph 12). You can withdraw up to £250 a day but some Merchants or cash machines may have lower limits. Please note that extra cash machine fees in addition to those shown in paragraph 12 may be charged by certain cash machine providers.
4.3 Your Card is a prepaid card, which means that the Card’s Available Balance will be reduced by the full amount of each Transaction and authorisation (see explanations in 4.5.1 to 4.5.5 of the different circumstances in which requests for authorisation might take place), plus any applicable taxes and charges, including any additional cash machine charge if any. This is your ‘Full Deductible Amount’, which must be less than or equal to the Available Balance on your Card. You must not use your Card after the expiry date of the Card or if the Full Deductible Amount exceeds the Available Balance. If, for any reason, a Transaction is processed for an amount greater than the Available Balance on your Card, you must repay us the amount by which the Full Deductible Amount exceeds your Available Balance within 14 days of receiving an invoice from us. Should you not repay this amount within 14 days of receiving an invoice from us we reserve the right to take all steps necessary, including legal action, to recover any monies outstanding.
4.4 You can check your balance for free by visiting the Website. You can also check your balance by calling Customer Services.
4.5 Due to security safeguards, Merchants that accept your Card are required to seek authorisation from us for all of the Transactions that you make. There are some circumstances where Merchants may require you to have an Available Balance greater than the value of the Transaction you wish to make. You will only be charged for the actual and final value of the Transaction you make. Merchants request this as they may need to access more funds than you initially planned to spend. For example:
4.5.1 Hotels and rental cars – As Merchants may not be able to accurately predict how much your final bill will be, they may request an authorisation for funds greater than your Available Balance.
4.5.2 Restaurants – You will need to have an Available Balance equivalent to the total cost of the meal plus 20%. This is to accommodate any service charge that could be added to your bill.
4.5.3 Internet Merchants – Certain internet merchant sites will, on registration or at checkout stage, send a request for payment authorisation to verify if funds are available. This will temporarily impact your Available Balance. Also, please bear in mind that many sites won’t deduct payment until goods are dispatched so please be aware of this when checking your balance to make sure you’ve always got funds available to cover your purchases. We will decline any authorisation requests from merchants using your Card for identification purposes.
4.5.4 In-flight purchases – Merchants may not be able to authorise your Transaction if they can’t obtain an online authorisation from us. Examples include on-board cruise or train charges and some in-flight purchases.
4.5.5 Membership or subscriptions – Please ensure you’ve always sufficient Available Balance on your Card if using it for recurring charges, like memberships or subscriptions.
4.6 Your Card cannot be used at self service petrol pumps. You can use your Card to pay by taking it to the cashier.
4.7 Your Card should not be used as a form of identification.
4.8 The Available Balance on your Account will not earn any interest.
4.9 We may ask you to surrender the Card at anytime for a valid reason in accordance with the provisions in paragraph 16 of these terms and conditions. If we do so, we will give you back your e-money in accordance with paragraph 7 of these terms and conditions.


5.1 You may top up your Card(s) up to a maximum balance of £3,500 per Account, providing the total balance of all Cards in your household does not exceed £4,500 at any time. (If you have a restricted card, please refer to paragraph 3.4)
5.2 You can top up your Card in the following ways:
5.2.1 Within any Post Office® branch, PayPoint outlet or any retailer participating in the 360money top up scheme. Locations can be found on the Website. You’ll need to hand over your Card and your payment to the value you wish to top up. Your Card will either be swiped or scanned and the top-up completed. Remember to get your receipt as this is your proof of purchase. The maximum each time you top up is £500; the minimum you can top up by is £5 at a Post Office® and £10 at a PayPoint. Please note that top-ups made at the Post Office® will take one business day to reach your Account. Fees apply for top-ups made at PayPoint locations, please see paragraph 12.
5.2.2 Using a 360money e-voucher. These can be purchased from PayPoint outlets. The maximum 360money e-voucher top-up at any one PayPoint outlet is £100 and the minimum is £10.
5.2.3 By cheque, subject to a minimum value of £20, by writing your Virgin Prepaid Account Number and the cheque guarantee number of the cheque signatory on the back of the cheque and sending it to Customer Services. Your funds will be available between 3 to 5 days from the funds clearing in our bank account. Please note, cheques must be made out to Virgin Money Direct Deposit; we will not accept cheques made out to any other name.
5.2.4 Direct debit, standing order or bank transfer mandate. Forms and instructions are available on the Website. In certain circumstances we may ask you for identification for transfers above £600 before we apply the money to your account. Top ups may take up to 4 business days to be available on your card (once cleared in our account).
5.2.5 You can top up your Card online using a debit or a credit card, a minimum top up of £20 applies. Only one debit or credit card can be used to top up your Account. You must have registered your debit or credit card with your bank for 'MasterCard® Secure Code' or 'Verified by Visa' to use this service. If you change details of your debit or credit card we may ask for additional time to approve your top-up. The address of the debit or credit cardholder must match the address given when your Virgin Prepaid Card was purchased. Credit / debit card top-ups may take up to 3 business days to be available on your card. Fees apply for top-ups made using a credit card, see paragraph 12.
5.3 If you have a Restricted Card you cannot top up using a credit card or debit card.
5.4 We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the right to top up your Card at any time without notice.

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