Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boomwave ships new cases for Classic, Nano

Boomwave Products today began shipping its Bearaphim,Diablo, and Diablo Spectrum cases for Apple's current-generation iPod nano and iPod classic. Boomwave's new Bearaphim cases aim to protect third-generation iPod nanos in the form of a bear with ears and an extended paw. Diablo Spectrum cases for current-generation iPod nanos appear as 'devilish' enclosures complete with pointed ears and a tail. Boomwave Diablo cases for iPod classes resemble Diablo Spectrum cases, but offer different graphical effects and include an embedded ring in the back for easy carrying. The company's Bearaphim cases are available in 'Spiritwirl' white, 'Twi-lite' black, and 'Spinkx' pink. Boomwave's Diablo Spectrum cases ship in 'Burnout' red, 'Silent Knight' black, and 'Shock Therapy' pink. Boomwave Diablo Attitude cases ship in black as well as white.

"When danger threatens, it's good to know you've got the angels on your side. Forget the faceless, generic and boring protectors of the past, the new breed of Boomwave Bearaphims will guard your spiffy iPOD Nanos with their lives, and look oh-so-cool doing it! Sporting spunky attitudes, funky good looks and a touch of punky brashness, these new additions to the Bearaphim legion are guaranteed to ward off the drab and the dull."

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