Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great advantages at your fingertips

No wires attached
Get on the wireless connectivity bandwagon. And straight away become immune to cuts in the cable, rains etc. Carry the set along with you when you move from one room to another or when you shift your home/office.

Wireless Internet (Reliance Netconnect)
The Wireless Phone has an in-built modem for high speed internet connectivity. Surfat speeds up to 115 kbps. What’s more, you do not need a separate ISP connection for operating the set.

Mobile Phone's Features
Enjoy all the features of a mobile phone: SMS, In-built caller line identification, voice mail, 99-number phone book, speaker phone, a choice of many ringtones, etc.

City Mobility
You can use your Wireless Phone anywhere within your city and still receive and make calls, at no extra cost.

Please note that this service is available in select cities only. Fax is not supported.

* For Residence Proof: Telephone/Electricity/Credit Card Bill or Bank Statement (with stamp and signature of Bank Manager). Documents should not be more than three months old. Submit photocopies of documents and bring originals for verification.
All documents need to be in customer's name.
For Identity Proof: Passport/Voter ID Card/PAN Card/Driving License/Photo Identity Card

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