Tuesday, May 13, 2008

LG KF600: Competent To Give High Performance

The LG KF600 Venus is quite a heavy phone and that gives a hard feel whenever one holds it in his or her hands. However, the dimensions of the handset are 102 x 51 x 16 mm which actually make it a compact phone. The front side of the Venus has the display screen and some control buttons. This lg mobile has advanced technologies and can function on any network connection.

LG KF600 Venus

The display screen of the LG KF600 Venus gives a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and supports 256 K colours. It thus becomes possible for one to watch videos and pictures on the screen of the set. The users normally spend their leisure time watching albums and even playing fascinating games on the TFT screen of the gadget.

This handset has 3 mp camera that can capture scintillating pictures and even record amusing videos. These can be later on shared with other people using technologies such as Bluetooth . Thus, you can maintain good rapport with friends and colleagues by frequently mailing messages to them. The mobile is also facilitated with emailing option that allows the user to send attachments to others with their mails.

Entertainment in the mobile is exalted with options such as music player and FM radio that can play songs that entertain people whenever they are bored up with their life. The memory of this 64 MB phone is further expandable. This handset can store data and files that are downloaded from the internet. The WAP browser surfs the web at high speed. The users can so open websites and web portals that they need. Information can be conveniently accessed from these portals.

The battery of the LG KF600 Venus can give a standby time of 200 hours and talktime of 3 hours. The long battery support gives the user the required confidence to carry the handset to long distance journeys as he or she can be rest assured that the battery charge would not get elapsed soon.

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