Monday, January 21, 2008

Latest From Apple: The Super-Thin Laptop

Apple has unveiled a new laptop which is just three-quarters of an inch thick.

Steve Jobs and the Macbook Air
Steve Jobs and the Macbook Air

The company's chief executive Steve Jobs showed off the Macbook Air at the annual Macworld convention in San Francisco.

It is designed to bridge the gap between the company's high-end laptops and its cheapest models.

It will sell for £1,199 when it goes on sale in the UK later this year.

Sky News correspondent Ian Woods, who attended the London screening of Mr Jobs' speech, said: "The promotional gimmick is that it's slim enough to fit into those brown internal envelopes familiar in offices.

"It's a beauty, so thin that the edges look sharp enough to slice a loaf of bread.

"But making it thin means leaving something out which every other laptop has - an optical drive to play CDs and DVDs.

"You can buy one separately if you wish, but Apple argues that wi-fi downloads of movies and music make the drive almost obsolete.

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